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Used Pallet Racking – Avatan’s One Step Solution to Warehouse Space Issues

There really isn’t a lot of difference between used pallet racking and the new stuff. Anyone who sells used pallet racking like Avatan, is only going to do so when all the spars and racks and bolts have been checked and tested to make sure they are in good working order.

The used pallet racking you get from Avatan is clean, bright and well maintained. We provide frames with a height of 2.4 m to 6 m and a depth of 900mm to 1100 mm.

Avatan will even help you choose the right used pallet racking solution for your space – and fit it too. Subject to availability, you can choose from Hi-Lo Rackplan and Premierack, Dexion Speedlock, Planned Storage and Redirack Systems, all regularly available from our range of Used Pallet Racking.

If you are thinking of re-arranging or expanding your handling space, don’t do it without taking a look at www.avatan.co.uk

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