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The Bank Job

Now you thought that the Bank Job was a quiz program on Channel 4. Very enjoyable though it is, full of suspense and excitement, we know the Bank Job as a stillage manufactured to carry bank cash bags.

This heavy duty stillage is designed with flush interior sheet steel sides, minimising risk of damage to bagged coins and cash. Fitted with a half drop mesh gate on one side and supplied with a lockable removable mesh lid, operatives can easily identify whether the cage is empty or in use. The lid seals down onto the top frame of the steel pallet using two padlocks or seals, and closes down onto the gated side. Using 25mm mesh in the gate and lid improves the tamper resistance of the container.

Fitted with 125mm square pallet feet, this stillage may be stacked four units high with 1000kg uniformly distributed load per pallet.

Manufactured to order, Avatan offer an ever extending range of mesh and sheet sided stillages for most storage needs. We aim to provide quality storage equipment at affordable prices in large or small quantities. Being a small family business, we pride ourselves on offering products best suited to individual needs. Although we do carry large stocks of other storage items, available for immediate despatch, we recognise that stock items may not always be the most appropriate product for each customer. Please do consider Avatan Handling Equipment if you have a niggly storage issue and wish to apply fresh minds to find a remedy.

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