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Stillages for Recycling Centres

Down at the local authority recycling centres, it is always amazing to see the variety of materials being salvaged and their materials re-used. For bulk waste, cardboard, timber and garden waste, skips and large steel containers are routinely filled and ferried away. Meanwhile, greater emphasis is being placed on recycling electrical items including televisions and computer screens and these are often carefully loaded into steel stillages and then taken back to processing plants for dismantling recovering precious metals, plastic materials and glass. Avatan Handling Equipment produce such steel cage pallets and box pallets and will manufacture bespoke stillages in large or small quantities.

As recycling centres are often short of storage space, particularly noted recently by recycling services in the Swansea valley, Avatan were asked to design stillages that would easily fit into smaller Recycling Centres. The steel pallets needed to be easily serviced by small vehicles. Clearly these needed to be of robust design with the sides well protected from projectile computer screens. The base of the pallet also had to be well braced and to further protect it, a separate easily replaceable sacrificial timber deck was laid over the sheet steel base, further lengthening the durability of the stillage. The resulting 3 cubic metre design was stackable and was fitted with fork guides enabling safe and secure forklifting from all four sides. With the success of the South Wales stillages, Avatan is hopeful that many more Recycling Centres will adapt this method of storing and transporting their electrical waste.

If you have an unusual storage requirement, and need the problem to be considered with fresh minds, contact Avatan today. We would be glad to help.

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