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Racking Rental

At Avatan Handling Equipment, we offer top-tier racking rental services designed to meet the diverse storage needs of industrial and commercial environments. Our extensive range of racking solutions provides optimal storage and organisation for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and various industries across the UK.

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Customised Racking Rental Solutions

Avatan specialises in providing customised racking rental solutions tailored to your specific storage requirements. Whether you need pallet racking, shelving systems, or bespoke storage solutions, our team can design and supply racking options to maximise your warehouse space and enhance operational efficiency.

Diverse Range of Racking Options

Our racking rental inventory includes a diverse range of options such as pallet racking, steel storage racking, racking protection systems, and more. We offer solutions for vertical and horizontal storage, bar racks, cantilever racking, and other specialised storage systems to accommodate unique storage items and working environments.

Efficient Storage Solutions

Our racking rental services are aimed at providing efficient storage solutions for businesses with varied storage requirements. From standard sizes to bespoke designs, we offer racking solutions that optimise warehouse space and streamline storage operations.

Contact Avatan Today

For more information about our racking rental services, please feel free to contact our team. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient storage solutions for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent racking solutions for a specific time period, or is it a long-term commitment?

Avatan provides flexible rental options, allowing customers to rent racking solutions for specific time periods based on our requirements. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, Avatan caters to the varying needs of businesses looking for customisable storage solutions.

Are the rental racking options customisable to suit my warehouse space and storage needs?

Yes, Avatan’s rental racking options are customisable to accommodate specific warehouse spaces and storage needs. Avatan offers tailored solutions to optimise storage efficiency.

What industries can benefit from Avatan's racking rental services?

Various industries can benefit from Avatan’s racking rental services, including commercial sectors, building sites, industrial facilities, retail distribution, manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and more. The adaptable nature of Avatan’s rental racking solutions caters to a wide range of business environments.

How can I request a quote for racking rental from Avatan Handling Equipment?

Requesting a quote for racking rental from Avatan Handling Equipment is easy. Customers can reach out to the Avatan team through our website or contact us directly to discuss our specific requirements and receive a personalised quote for the rental racking solutions they need.

Can I rent both new and used racking solutions from Avatan?

Yes, Avatan provides the option to rent both new and used racking solutions, giving customers flexibility in choosing the type of racking that best fits their budget and operational needs.

What are the delivery and collection options for the rental racking?

Avatan offers efficient delivery and collection options for the rental racking, ensuring that the racking solutions are transported to the customer’s location and collected as per the agreed terms, providing a hassle-free experience.

How does Avatan ensure the quality and condition of the rental racking systems?

Avatan maintains high-quality standards for its rental racking systems, ensuring that they are well-maintained, inspected, and thoroughly checked before being rented out to customers. This commitment to quality assurance guarantees that customers receive reliable and well-maintained rental racking systems for their storage needs.

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