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Postracks – An alternative to Pallet Racking

The cross over between Postracks and Pallet Racking is discussed.

When weighing up how to best use the space within your warehouse, there are always many factors to consider but mainly, is the storage requirement a long term one or do you need an adaptable system that can be moved or replaced, easily and economically?


Pallet Racking is ideal for so many warehouses. Conventional pallet racking with wide isles enables the user to access every pallet stored within the warehouse. However, this comes at the expense of the space it uses. The isles, the arteries of the racking system, are generally wide and can swallow up as much as 70% of the total warehouse space.  If however, a more flexible approach is necessary to accommodate changing storage needs throughout the year, then conventional wide isle pallet racking may not be the most beneficial solution.

Pallet Racking Used Dexion Link 51 Planned StoragePallet Racking – The Benefits

  • Traditional Racking gives immediate access to 100% of pallet spaces
  • Warehouse headroom can be fully utilised
  • Pallet spaces can be allocated to specific products and product groups minimising search time

Pallet Racking – The Disadvantages

  • Traditional Racking is costly in floor space, needing wide aisles for fork lift access
  • Is generally not available for hire
  • Cannot be easily moved, leaving little flexibility for seasonal requirements


Postracks may be that alternative. Postracks are simple Post Pallets that can be used in a similar fashion to Pallet Racking. Postracks are designed and manufactured with flexibility in mind.

Postrack Galvanised Post Pallet Block StackedEach Post Rack comprises a strong and durable steel braced base upon which a palletised load can be loaded. A set of four removable posts dropped into the stub posts of the base, are then available to support another base placed upon them.

The beauty of this system is that it will not be bolted to the floor and can easily be moved to another area within the warehouse. Equally, the Postracks can be block stacked without isle space maximising the number of pallets a warehouse can store within a limited area. Imagine Easter Eggs for example. They take up a lot of space for a short time within the year. They are all likely to be despatched within a short period of time. What better way to fill the warehouse than to block stack the Easter Eggs. The same would go for so many seasonal products and Avatan has many regular customers who hire Postracks for a short period of time each year. Turkeys at Christmas, Chocolate Eggs at Easter, bulbs in the summer and so many others consumer items where stocks are assembled and need to be stored for a short spell of time. Postracks, (post racking), are the answer to many of our customers.

Oddly, another seasonal product is Carpet. (No, I would not have considered that to be seasonal either, but it is)! Carpet and underlay manufacturers, distributors and stockists build up their stocks in late summer in preparation for an increase in sales in the run up to Christmas and for the Sales. Although not palletised, rolls of carpet and underlay are often stored in Postracks. Again, the demountable nature of the Postrack means that when carpet manufacturers are quieter, the Postracks may be disassembled and stored in a much smaller area, leaving the vacated space for other uses.

Postracks – The BenefitsPostrack, round tube post pallet, heavy duty stillage

  • Can be used as an alternative to Pallet Racking with all the advantages of this
  • Can be block stacked, minimising aisle requirements for bulk goods
  • Can be easily assembled without installation costs
  • Is routinely available for hire
  • Can be dismantled easily and stored in a fraction of its assembled space
  • Can be used as a Post Pallet
  • Can be used as a transit pallet for despatch purposes

Postracks – The disadvantages

  • Product at the top of a stack must be removed before lower loads are removed

Avatan Handling Equipment prides itself on encouraging customers to use storage products best suited to their own needs. There are places and situations where the use of Pallet Racking is a no brainer. There are other warehouses where it would be madness to use an inflexible system and Postracks may then be the best option. Contact us today to discuss our postracks for sale, and postracks to rent, on 020 8429 4444 and let us help and guide you.

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