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Pallets for food processors

It has always been one of Avatan’s main aims to supply high quality storage equipment for all areas of industry. Food and Pharmaceutical industries are no different and we work hard to ensure that our product range includes aluminium and stainless steel pallets, designed and manufactured to order, to suit individual customer requirements.

It is always our intention to supply aluminium and stainless steel pallets to best suit each customer. If a client wants something out of the ordinary, we will endeavour to supply it. There may be good reasons for most to adhere to a standard size product, for example 1200mm x 1000mm, in common with the usual British pallet size but we do appreciate this does not necessarily suit everyone. A little larger or a little smaller, the manufacturing process is the same and we are all too happy to consider making our products to best suit each customer.

Although aluminium suits most food processors, especially as the cost is reasonably economical, others require the significantly more costly option made from stainless steel. We tend to find that processors with salty environments prefer stainless steel and we have great success in supplying stainless steel pallets to fishing and offshore industries. Chemical and Power Generation industries also often opt for the improved corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel.

Both aluminium and stainless steel pallets may be manufactured with a planked, easily cleaned design but may also be supplied with a flat sheeted top. A lip may be added reducing the likelihood that the pallet contents can slide off the surface. Similarly pallets can be designed with sides, changing the pallet from and ordinary flat pallet into a Stackable Stillage. The pictured pallet is a Stackable Pallet recently designed for a well known manufacturer of preserves, where they wished to make better use of headroom when storing crushable plastic buckets of processed fruit.

If you have unusual needs, let us apply our experience to your particular storage conundrum. Please call Avatan or email through our contact and enquiries pages.

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