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Low cost Hypacages in stock

At Avatan, we have been stocking Hypacages for some years and have now extended our range including heavier duty more durable items to suit a wider use. To date, we have carried stock of light duty Hypacages, only suitable for 500kg stackable four units high. We have also routinely carried stock of Stackable Retention Units, available for sale and for hire. Both of these items are popular sellers and customers are reliant on these being available for a quick turn round rather than having to wait for purpose built more conventional stillages and steel pallets.

Accepting that 500kg loading is limiting for some uses, we have now developed a heavier duty range of collapsible Hypacages. Keeping to the standard British pallet size of 1200mm x 1000mm, our new items have an overall height of 1000mm and are suitable for 1000kg per cage stackable four units high. This doubles the capacity and opens up the possibilities for these very effective and simple cages. With all four sides folding flat onto the sturdy base, these may be transported empty for a fraction of the cost of assembled cages. They are similarly particularly suitable for seasonal storage requirements where the collapsed Hypacage may be stored in much less space.

This larger, heavy duty Hypacage is optionally available with fork loops, ensuring that the cage can be lifting safely and securely centred on the fork lift and taking away sideways slippage risks.

We are not suggesting that Hypacages are suitable for all eventualities and therefore offer an extensive range of more conventional stillages, cage pallets, box pallets and post pallets. Manufactured in our UK plant, rigid and collapsible stillages can be designed to suit your own very special needs.

Whatever your needs, sale or rental, do please give our sales team a call. We will be delighted to help.

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