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Lifting Stillages By Crane

More and more we are being asked to supply cages for building sites where the requirement is to lift laden stillages from ground level up many floors to working areas. The steel crane lift stillage needs to be strong and secure. Risks need to be eliminated and design must overcome any possibility of contents falling from the cage while being lifted.

A recent site where space was at a premium demanded that the crane lift stillages should be rolled onto the trailer and upon arrival at the site would be lifted off only by crane. Site safety procedures demanded that operatives should be able to secure the crane hooks to the cage from ground level without getting on the trailer. This required special hinged lifting eyes welded to the base of the cages. These would lay flat against the cage but would be easily accessible from ground level. More commonly, lifting eyes are bolted or welded to the top of the structure.

Crane Lift Stillages manufactured by Avatan Handling Equipment are sent for independent assessment to load test and certificate each unit individually. The cages will be lift tested for double the load they are intended to carry and a certificate is issued for each stillage.

The unit pictured is mounted on castors but these are optional. Instead, the stillages may be fitted with conventional pallet feet for stacking purposes.

If you have any need to lift stillages by crane, give Avatan a call to discuss your own special needs or have a look at the wide range of other steel pallets and stillages at www.avatan.co.uk

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