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Folding Cage Pallets rebranded CubiCage

  February 19th, 2015    

Avatan’s range of folding rod formed cage pallets is now being re-branded CubiCages. Our wide range of collapsible cage pallets will now be banded into one group within the CubiCage and Stackable Retention Unit pages on our website.CubiCage Hypacage heavy duty with fork guides We routinely carry stocks of a variety of CubiCages and now include within this range the Euro 91 folding Euro Cage Pallet. The family of folding cage stillages is becoming more popular as transport costs rise. With the ability to collapse the CubiCages into a fraction of their assembled size, transport and storage costs can be significantly reduced.
For example, up to 480 Stackable Retention Units will fit in a 45′ load. Similarly approximately 280 Euro 91 cage pallets or similar number of rod formed CubiCages will fit in the same space. This compares with trailers accommodating only 40-60 of a similar but rigid container. Immense transport savings are possible.

Our stock CubiCages are all manufactured to match the British pallet size 1200mm x 1000mm and, with an overall height of 1000mm, have a capacity of just over a cubic metre. The same volume will fit in our standard Stackable Retention Unit. Alternatively, the Euro 91 CubiCage Euro Cage Pallet is designed around the standard European pallet with nominal dimensions of 1200mm x 800mm x 970mm overall height.

Holding large stocks of many of these items, Avatan Handling Equipment Ltd can respond quickly to customers needs. Next day delivery options are available to most areas within the UK.

We are not suggesting that CubiCages are suitable for all eventualities and therefore offer an extensive range of more conventional stillages, cage pallets, box pallets and post pallets. Manufactured in our UK plant, rigid and collapsible stillages can be designed to suit your own very special needs. We take pride in the fact that we can be adaptable and welcome the opportunity to discuss customers storage problems. Let us help you solve your storage difficulties.

Whatever your needs, sale or rental, do please give contact our sales team. We will be delighted to help.

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