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Flat Pallets for Every Occasion

I doubt there are many warehouses that do not have uses for flat pallets. So much is delivered on, despatched on and stored on flat pallets that pallets are in use everywhere.

TIMBER PALLETS – Warehousing’s Favourite

Most warTimber-pallet-full-perimeter-baseehouse managers will make do with timber pallets. Wood pallets are of course the most economical option and in so many cases have all the properties a storage site will need. These pallets can be designed to suit most storage needs,  whether this might be a single trip light duty option or something heavier duty and more durable suitable for multiple used and for storage within pallet racking. The most common pallet size in the UK is 1200mm x 1000mm but with more and more products being shipped into and out of Europe, the Euro Pallet 1200mm x 800mm is becoming more common.

However, no matter how well a timber pallet is treated, in time it is likely to split and splinter and require replacement. Avatan Handling Equipment offer a wide selection of timber pallets designed to suit most needs.

Are timber pallets the only option? Not by a long chalk!

Avatan offer a wide range of –

  • Steel Pallets – Heavy and durable, painted or galvanised finish
  • Aluminium Pallets – Light and easily cleaned, ideal for food and pharmaceutical.
  • Stainless Steel Pallets – The Rolls Royce of pallets, hygienic, strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

All of these can be manufactured to suit each customer’s individual needs. Plastic pallets are also offered but in this case, standard pallet sizes only can be offered.

So, why choose something other than a timber pallet?

STEEL PALLETS – Sturdy & Long Lasting

Flat steel pallet heavy duty sheet top

Flat steel pallet, heavy duty, four way entry, with flat sheeted top.

If your focus is not on hygiene, but instead on durability, then steel flat pallets are generally very economical. These again can be manufactured to suit customers needs, any size and to suit light or heavy loads. Avatan reflect on each customer’s requirements and will design pallets specifically to suit that need. Yes, there are common sizes and styles but adapting a standard pallet into something better suited to an individual’s needs, is a speciality we at Avatan pride ourselves on. Our range of flat pallets is extensive and ever increasing.

With a standard painted finish, pallets will be durable but will be susceptible to chipping and subsequent potential corrosion. The addition of a hot-dipped galvanised finish will protect the steel. The pallet may then be suitable for some food processing environments.

Also available from Avatan is a selection of plastic pallets. Again, there are many applications for these but sizes are generally restricted to standard pallet sizes. In this range, we have light duty single trip pallets all the way through to heavy duty rackable pallets.

ALUMINIUM PALLETS – Light & Hygienic

Flat Aluminium Pallet HygienicThe answer to why choose something other than a timber pallets might be tempered by the industry sector you are in. Pharmaceutical companies often require stainless steel storage products taking full advantage of the corrosion resistance properties of this durable material. Aluminium pallets too are often used in this sector with aluminium playing an importance part in food processing and meat industries. The meat industry, e.g. butchers and abattoirs have many uses for these extremely light and highly durable hygienic pallets. Food processors in general need to keep wood out of production areas and aluminium and stainless steel win hands down when it comes to ease of cleaning.

As to cost, aluminium pallets are relatively inexpensive.

STAINLESS STEEL PALLETS – The Rolls Royce of Pallets

Pallet stainless steel heavy duty HygienicWith ultra high corrosion resistant properties, pallets can be manufactured in 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel. Both options are considerably pricier than all other materials but if your environment is particularly corrosive, then stainless steel pallets may be the only satisfactory option.

In keeping with other pallets, materials used in the construction of stainless steel pallets can be adapted to suit light and heavy duty storage needs.

Another article related to the comparison of flat pallets with some of their advantages and disadvantages is linked here.

Whatever your needs, Avatan will try to help. Call 020 8429 4444 today.

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