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Euro Cage Pallets ‘Gitterboxes’ held in stock

With a mix of Euro style cage pallets commonly held in stock, Avatan is always surprised by how varied the uses are for these steel pallets. We are commonly asked for stillages for industrial sites, where boxed or loose products are the order of the day. Then we might get a call from a vineyard asking for this style of stillage. For bottles, the Euro Cage Pallet, known in Europe as a Gitterbox, is ideal. The standard Euro style timber deck offers bottles a much softer landing than a steel deck. But then wine is quite acidic and the vintner was concerned that the cages would rust. The answer to this one was to hot dip galvanise the stillages. Not only does this protect the steel pallet but it also ensures that the metal does not corode and leave unsightly or damaging marks on the contents. Galvanised Euro 90 cage pallets are currently now held in stock ready for immediate despatch. Other common uses for Euro 90 stillages have been for storage and drying of logs for winter fuel, car parts and often for storage of waste materials prior to recycling.

The Euro 90 Gitterbox may also be supplied fitted with a numbered identification plate, necessary for all cages introduced into the European Pallet Pool.

So also with stocks of timber decked and corrugated steel decked rigid Euro cages, generally immediately available, Euro 91 Cage pallet folded cr wmAvatan also holds large stocks of Euro 91 Fully collapsible stillages. With all sides of the Euro 91 gitter box hinged to the base of the pallet, these units fold flat for empty storage and transportation, enabling up to 288 folded cages to fit into Mega Cube trailers.

As transport can be carried out economically due to the condensed nature of the folded Euro 91 Cage, these are ideal for rental, especially short term, when transport costs can play such a significant part in overall hire expenditure.

Although the pallet pool stillage has mesh sides by default, this style of pallet is also available as a box pallet and may be supplied with solid sheet steel sides in either the rigid Euro 90 or collapsible Euro 91 styles.

If this is of interest to you, please do get in touch. Avatan would be pleased to assist you.

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