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Box pallets for automotive parts

It is always difficult to break into supplying the automotive industry. Large manufacturers with big sales departments tend to have the time to persevere in this sector. However, they are not necessarily the most competitive suppliers.

We at Avatan have just completed an order for 900 stillages manufactured for a leading automotive parts supplier. Admittedly, these were simple box pallets and once the works got production under way, the 900 were completed within four weeks.

At Avatan, we pride ourselves on being able to turn our hands to large and small quantities. We try to offer a product that best suits the individual customer rather than pushing buyers to ‘make do’ with a standard or stock item. We will listen to customers needs and design around those requirements while maintaining a keen eye on being competitive.

We want your business and we want you to come back time and time again so we providing the right product is of paramount importance. Please do call Avatan for all your storage equipment needs.

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