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Postrack Galvanised Post Pallet Block Stacked

What is a stillage?

It is easy for us in the industry to immediately interpret customer’s needs when it comes to stillages. But the term stillage is really a generic term for any number of different steel pallets, cages and boxes and are commonly a platform to raise stored products off the ground. If we were talking about the […]

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Postrack Bases Offset Stacked On Trailer

Stillage and Pallet Design with Transport in mind

When a customer calls and asks for a pallet 1.3m square, little do they realise what affect this will have on their ongoing transport costs. Let me try to guide you through Designing for Transport. So often, we are asked for unusual sizes of metal pallets and stillages. As we at Avatan Handling Equipment pride […]

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Nesting plug accessory stillages

How To Choose Pallet Feet For Stillages

PALLET FEET With a wide selection of pallet feet available, we guide you through how to make the best choice to suit your own stackable stillages and pallets. Pallet feet are generally used to facilitate easy, safe and secure stacking of steel pallets. However, some pallet feet are more easily stacked than others. And some […]

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Folding Euro Steel Cage Pallets 270 Per Load

What Is The Size of A Stillage or Metal Pallet

What is the size of a Stillage or Metal Pallet? If I had a penny, (let’s say a Pound), for every time I am asked ‘what is the size of a standard pallet or stillage’, I would be a very wealthy man! Although there are common sizes used in the manufacture of pallets and stillages, […]

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Flat steel close boarded four way entry metal pallet

Flat Pallets for Every Occasion

I doubt there are many warehouses that do not have uses for flat pallets. So much is delivered on, despatched on and stored on flat pallets that pallets are in use everywhere. TIMBER PALLETS – Warehousing’s Favourite Most warehouse managers will make do with timber pallets. Wood pallets are of course the most economical option […]

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