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Multi purpose Euro Cages

  August 3rd, 2015    

Although there is a standard Euro Cage Pallet used throughout Europe, often known as the Gitterbox, this style of cage in line with conventional steel stillages, can be made in any number of sizes. The standard Euro Cage Pallet has base dimensions 1200mm x 800mm and the height used in the European Pallet Pool is 970mm. EPAL pallets, used in the Pallet Pool, must carry identification stating the weight the stillages will carry, how many can be stacked upon one another, the place of manufacture and a sequential identification number. Pallet Pool cage pallets have economical timber bases and although these are robust and durable, many British customers consider them inferior as the timbers will deteriorate when stored outside and the stillage itself is likely not to be suitable for many food or pharmaceutical applications.

Euro Galvanised Cage Pallet for Cheese

To overcome some of the British reservations, Avatan now routinely carries stocks of Euro 90 Rigid and Euro 91 Fully Collapsible Cage Pallets. Based on the Gitterbox style, our stillages have strong corrugated sheet steel bases. Euro 90 Rigid Cage Pallets are also available with hot dip galvanised finish, overcoming many of the reservations presented by food and pharmaceutical industry buyers.

This style of cage has been introduced recently into a major cheese production company. On this occasion, the dimensions have been radically changed, increasing the base size and reducing the height. Load testing has confirmed that this particular unit may be stacked 10 units high. Our customer wanted to go higher still but at the time of testing, only 10 units were available.Euro Cage Pallet Galvanised Steel Stillage

Another industry regularly in touch asking for Euro style cages is the Wine Industry and again, Avatan supply standard Euro cages to many vineyards. For bottled sparkling wines, which uses heavier bottles, we recently re-designed the Gitterbox style cage with larger dimensions, hot dip galvanised to protect the metal from the acidity of the wine and with timber decking to soften the impact of bottles landing in the cage.

The uses for Euro Stillages are endless. These robust and economical cages could well work for you and we would welcome your enquiries. Call Avatan today.

Stillages and Box Pallets in stock

  May 21st, 2015    

Although Avatan prefers to supply products to BEST suit each customer’s needs, the luxury of a lead time is sometimes unaffordable. In these cases, we will try to satisfy pressing needs from stock.
Now carrying an ever increasing range of stock items, Stevenage Yard IMG_0128 crand with hauliers able to offer next day delivery services, cage pallets, box pallets, post pallets, roll containers and many other items can often be supplied immediately without delay. Even Aluminium Pallets are held in stock for immediate despatch.
We have based our stock items around common UK and European pallet sizes. We carry CubiCages and Stackable Retention Units with dimensions 1200mm x 1000mm, i.e. UK pallet size. We also carry European style 1200mm x 800mm Gitterbox Cage Pallets with mesh sides and Gitterbox Box Pallets with sheet steel sides. CubiCages and Folding Euro style cages also satisfy most short term rental requirements.
Similarly standard security roll containers designed optimally to suit distribution trailer dimensions are also held in stock for sale or for hire.
How does this fit in with our ethos of supplying storage products best suited to each customers needs? Well, it fits in every way. If the customers needs are immediate, then compromise may be necessary with the importance for speed becoming the overriding factor.
However, we still pride ourselves on being able to interpret individual needs and providing time is available, then we will design and supply the right storage or handling product at a most economical price.
If you have requirements for steel, aluminium or stainless steel stillages or pallets, get in touch with Avatan today.

Euro Cage Pallets ‘Gitterboxes’ held in stock

  November 21st, 2014    

With a mix of Euro style cage pallets commonly held in stock, Avatan is always surprised by how varied the uses are for these steel pallets. We are commonly asked for stillages for industrial sites, where boxed or loose products are the order of the day. Then we might get a call from a vineyard asking for this style of stillage. For bottles, the Euro Cage Pallet, known in Europe as a Gitterbox, is ideal. The standard Euro style timber deck offers bottles a much softer landing than a steel deck. But then wine is quite acidic and the vintner was concerned that the cages would rust. The answer to this one was to hot dip galvanise the stillages. Not only does this protect the steel pallet but it also ensures that the metal does not corode and leave unsightly or damaging marks on the contents. Galvanised Euro 90 cage pallets are currently now held in stock ready for immediate despatch. Other common uses for Euro 90 stillages have been for storage and drying of logs for winter fuel, car parts and often for storage of waste materials prior to recycling.

The Euro 90 Gitterbox may also be supplied fitted with a numbered identification plate, necessary for all cages introduced into the European Pallet Pool.

So also with stocks of timber decked and corrugated steel decked rigid Euro cages, generally immediately available, Euro 91 Cage pallet folded cr wmAvatan also holds large stocks of Euro 91 Fully collapsible stillages. With all sides of the Euro 91 gitter box hinged to the base of the pallet, these units fold flat for empty storage and transportation, enabling up to 288 folded cages to fit into Mega Cube trailers.

As transport can be carried out economically due to the condensed nature of the folded Euro 91 Cage, these are ideal for rental, especially short term, when transport costs can play such a significant part in overall hire expenditure.

Although the pallet pool stillage has mesh sides by default, this style of pallet is also available as a box pallet and may be supplied with solid sheet steel sides in either the rigid Euro 90 or collapsible Euro 91 styles.

If this is of interest to you, please do get in touch. Avatan would be pleased to assist you.




Avatan – Celebrating 25 Years

  March 26th, 2014    

April 2014 sees Avatan Handling Equipment entering a second quarter century supplying British warehousing needs. Starting from humble beginnings in 1989, director Steve Tarn drew on design, manufacturing and sales experience obtained in the industry to realise the importance of supplying customers exactly what they needed rather than encouraging them to make do with a potentially less suitable stock item. Learning from competitors who fill their warehouses with ‘standard’ items, Avatan took the appoach that one size does not fit all. Customers were, and continue to be, encouraged to discuss their own specific needs, and if then a standard stock cage pallet, stillage or CubiCage fits their bill, then this was available. However, if their needs could not be satisfied using standard size stillages, then alternative products could be designed, economically and quickly to better suit.

Stillages, (cage pallets, box pallets and post pallets), are generally simple in their construction. So why should marginally larger or smaller stillages suddenly incur punitive surcharges. There is really no difference in the construction cost if a stillage is a few centimetres larger or smaller. The man hours to produce bespoke steel pallets is little different to pallets of a standard size. And generally, the material costs will be very similar. Yes, if there is greater material waste, e.g. if greater length results in offcut wastage, then those offcuts need to be reflected in the cost, but with clever cutting, it is generally possible to minimise waste by cutting materials for the whole stillage rather than cutting base members or post members individually from lengths of bar.

Having established itself in the stillages market, Avatan then developed ranges of Aluminium and Stainless Steel storage equipment for food and pharmaceutical industries, soon adding roll containers for the supermarket trade, and then developing an extensive range of rental items. Avatan has become one of the leading rental suppliers of Stillages, Postracks and CubiCages to the UK market. With extensive hire stocks held in our Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex storage yards, long and short term rentals in large or small quantities can generally be accommodated quickly and economically.

Where do we go from here? Well, we hope always to be able to maintain our ethos or giving customers what they want. We never wish to end up supplying only from a limiting fixed catalogue with customers making do rather than ending up with an all encompassing solution. There are of course times for standard stock items and rental is certainly one of these occasions. But our stillages are designed to last, we like to use materials stronger than might be absolutely necessary. We want customers to come back, not after a few weeks with complaints of damage but months and years later when their stillages continue to offer good service and the customer has expanded and needs more.

25 years on Avatan continues to be a family business with strong beliefs that customers and suppliers should be treated as Avatan would wish to be treated itself. We thank our customers and suppliers, many who have been with us over the last 25 years. Onwards and upwards for the next 25 years.


What Is The True Value Of Small Footprint Pallets?

  March 11th, 2014    

When it comes to the large scale movement and transportation of goods – generally speaking, bigger is better. Yet, this isn’t always the case – there are occasions when specially designed small footprint pallets can be a much better choice for factories and retail sales floors. The particular benefits of small footprint pallets are still relatively unknown, because they’re still emerging as a crucial industry tool. For the movement of goods, it often goes without saying that a larger footprint equates to greater efficiency – the bigger your pallets and stillages, the more product you can move at one time. If you have the right infrastructure in place to support large footprint pallets, this can be the most efficient system.

The question is – are there any real benefits to reducing the size of your pallet footprint? These days, the industry cannot really afford to ignore warnings about the environment. With the price of fuel constantly on the rise and the government looking to penalise businesses that don’t adhere to increasingly strict green targets, it’s about time that the commercial transportation industry started to think about reducing its environmental impact. The smaller and lighter the pallets, the less fuel will be needed to transport them – plus, the packaging materials needed to protect and secure them will also be significantly decreased. Here are just a few of the reasons why small footprint pallets can be a valuable benefit to your company.

Commercial Or Domestic – a lot of companies use small footprint pallets, because they’re much easier to transport and handle – especially when it comes to the final customer. If you’re not dealing with enterprises or corporations, there’s really no need to use large scale equipment. In fact, it’s probably more of a detriment to your customers than anything else. If pallets are being delivered to domestic addresses, they need to be small enough to fit through domestic sized doors and spaces, or having been left on the vehicle following delivery are a hindrance to drivers attempting to deliver subsequent deliveries.

Utilise The Space – obviously, pallets and stillages can be very bulky things. If you’ve got multiple large footprint pallets on a trailer, you may find it difficult to fully utilise the space. With small footprint pallets, this may lessen the problem – they can be slipped in the partial pallet positions left on a trailer. There might not be enough room for additional standard footprint pallets, but you’ll save money if you can slip in a few little ones. It’s all about efficiency, remember?

A Wider Range – for those who manage warehouses or retail floors, there’s nothing more important than product logistics. The placement of your merchandise is vital, especially if you want to make sure that trained pickers can locate and identify specific products as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you want to maximise shelf space, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of products displayed on one length of aisle. In order to do this, you might need to utilise pallets with a smaller footprint.

A Smaller Shipment – last but not least, it isn’t always necessary to use a large footprint pallet for shipments. When smaller items or small quantities of smaller items are despatched, there’s no need to use larger equipment than needed – if you do, you’re only losing out on space, time and efficiency.

When it comes to the large scale movement and transportation of goods, there is nothing more important than effective pallet management. Whilst it’s true that pallets play a basic role in the chain of supply and demand – they are ever present and absolutely vital. In order to fully maximise their value, we need to change the way that we think about them and the ways in which we use them. Without pallets, very few supply chains can function effectively – yet, they can also pose some unique supply chain problems. If your company is going to be successful, it needs to take these four factors into account – associated costs, safety, ease of use and environmental impact. In the interests of small footprint pallets, environmental impact is the most important.

The issues surrounding green transportation are only going to grow in significance for the industry. Fortunately, it is getting easier and easier all of the time to make eco-friendly choices. For example, companies can now choose to invest in reusable plastic pallets, as opposed to the less green timber alternatives. When a timber pallet breaks, it is usually burnt – its lifespan is short, because it hasn’t been designed for extensive use. You could say the same thing about plastic pallets, except for the fact that they last a lot longer and they can be fully recycled when they eventually do break down. A plastic pallet, though strong, is also much lighter than a timber one – this means that it needs less fuel to be moved and transported. And then of course, there are steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Although not indestructible, their life expectancy is massively longer than timber and plastic options. Unlike plastic pallets, steel pallets may be manufactured economically and easily in bespoke smaller footprint sizes and in any quantity, without necessity for expensive tooling but do weigh more than plastic or aluminium pallet options. For further efficiencies, pallets may also be hired rather than purchased, maintaining cash flow flexibility for future growth and prosperity.

Pallets for food processors

  February 10th, 2014    

It has always been one of Avatan’s main aims to supply high quality storage equipment for all areas of industry. Food and Pharmaceutical industries are no different and we work hard to ensure that our product range includes aluminium and stainless steel pallets, designed and manufactured to order, to suit individual customer requirements.

It is always our intention to supply aluminium and stainless steel pallets to best suit each customer. If a client wants something out of the ordinary, we will endeavour to supply it. There may be good reasons for most to adhere to a standard size product, for example 1200mm x 1000mm, in common with the usual British pallet size but we do appreciate this does not necessarily suit everyone. A little larger or a little smaller, the manufacturing process is the same and we are all too happy to consider making our products to best suit each customer.

Although aluminium suits most food processors, especially as the cost is reasonably economical, others require the significantly more costly option made from stainless steel. We tend to find that processors with salty environments prefer stainless steel and we have great success in supplying stainless steel pallets to fishing and offshore industries. Chemical and Power Generation industries also often opt for the improved corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel.

Both aluminium and stainless steel pallets may be manufactured with a planked, easily cleaned design but may also be supplied with a flat sheeted top. A lip may be added reducing the likelihood that the pallet contents can slide off the surface. Similarly pallets can be designed with sides, changing the pallet from and ordinary flat pallet into a Stackable Stillage. The pictured pallet is a Stackable Pallet recently designed for a well known manufacturer of preserves, where they wished to make better use of headroom when storing crushable plastic buckets of processed fruit.

If you have unusual needs, let us apply our experience to your particular storage conundrum. Please call Avatan or email through our contact and enquiries pages.

Be Prepared for Seasonal Peaks

  August 2nd, 2013    

We may well have just experience the hottest August day since 2003 but do bear in mind that Christmas is around the corner. Being prepared for Seasonal Peaks requires warehousing managers to plan ahead and ensure adequate provision is available for the build up of stocks ready for the December and January retail peaks.

At Avatan Handling Equipment, we carry rental stocks of stillages and roll containers. Our rental fleet of Cage Pallets, Postracks and Roll Containers, stored in our Taplow and Stevenage storage yards are available for long or short term hire.

Euro 91 Cage Pallets are ideal for rental purposes as they are fully collapsible and may be economically and efficiently transported throughout the UK. These versatile cage pallets, with sheeted steel base and mesh sides, fold flat for empty storage and transportation but may be re-assembled within seconds ready for use. Stackable four units high and fitted with a half drop gate on one long side, these cages may be used for storage or distribution purposes. Hypacages are also available for this purpose.

Avatan also offer two styles of demountable Postrack. The first being rectangular and ideal as an alternative to conventional pallet racking in that they will safely carry 1200mm x 1000mm 1350mm high palletised loads. Unlike conventional pallet racking however, the Postrack may be block stacked to make best use of limited space. The second Postrack is squarer and offers an excellent means for storing rolls of materials or underlay. It lends itself to carrying longer lengths of extruded products and again may be safely and securely stacked, unstacked, dismantled and stored.

Roll containers are also like proverbial gold dust in the pre-Christmas build up. Avatan offer four sided mesh security roll containers, also for sale or hire.

Avatan invite Warehouse Managers to plan ahead and not to leave planning their peak until it is upon them. Wanting things ‘Yesterday’ tends to leave buyers disappointed. If you do expect to need storage equipment over the months running up to Christmas and the January Sales, please call Avatan today.

Avatan – Bringing Out the Versatility of Pallets

  October 8th, 2010    

There’s no doubt at all that pallets serve a tremendously useful and highly versatile purpose within warehousing, storage and the transportation of goods. However, it’s very easy for small and medium businesses to overlook the fact that pallets can be even more versatile than is currently thought. Companies such as ours are able to provide a wide range of types of pallets, which can help in the storage of goods.

For example, pallets with solid walls provide a much more effective solution for delicate or small items. Some pallets with solid walls have one wall which can be opened to allow access even when pallets are stacked. Mesh sided pallets provide strength and convenience, whilst also allowing products to be seen clearly when pallets are stacked. Look at the range of pallets available with us

Low cost Half Euro Hypacages

  September 8th, 2010    

Avatan is currently carrying extensive stocks of used cage pallets including nearly 500 low cost half euro hypacages. These used stackable and collapsible cage pallets have two thirds drop gates on one long side. Formed from rod, the cages have all four sides hinged to the base of the cage making sure the cage remains complete. These small but effective storage cages are currently available from

Lifting Stillages By Crane

  August 12th, 2010    

More and more we are being asked to supply cages for building sites where the requirement is to lift laden stillages from ground level up many floors to working areas. The steel crane lift stillage needs to be strong and secure. Risks need to be eliminated and design must overcome any possibility of contents falling from the cage while being lifted.

A recent site where space was at a premium demanded that the crane lift stillages should be rolled onto the trailer and upon arrival at the site would be lifted off only by crane. Site safety procedures demanded that operatives should be able to secure the crane hooks to the cage from ground level without getting on the trailer. This required special hinged lifting eyes welded to the base of the cages. These would lay flat against the cage but would be easily accessible from ground level. More commonly, lifting eyes are bolted or welded to the top of the structure.

Crane Lift Stillages manufactured by Avatan Handling Equipment are sent for independent assessment to load test and certificate each unit individually. The cages will be lift tested for double the load they are intended to carry and a certificate is issued for each stillage.

The unit pictured is mounted on castors but these are optional. Instead, the stillages may be fitted with conventional pallet feet for stacking purposes.

If you have any need to lift stillages by crane, give Avatan a call to discuss your own special needs or have a look at the wide range of other steel pallets and stillages at

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