Pallet Racking Systems To Make Savings on Warehouse Space

When it comes to storage solutions and space is a concern, pallet racking can be a very good option. Here at Avatan
( we spend a lot of time thinking how to make our products best suit our clients, how to design a really good product that makes the most of their warehouse space and still leaves room for future expansion.

Naturally, after all that thinking we’ve come up with some pretty good ideas – and some advice that we think everyone in the warehousing business should have access to.

Our number one thought about pallet racking, today, is this: protect your shelves and your column feet. You’d be amazed how many people forget to install foot guards and shelf protection when they hire or buy a pallet racking scheme. And it only takes one tight turn on a forklift to damage the unprotected foot of a rack.

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